ESL Jokes – Grammar, EFL interviewing and more

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Monday morning for most so let’s get a few ESL Jokes to warm you up for another week of teaching EFL because a smile and a good mood should be the first thing your language learners see.


Do you get it? See why something written in English (unless you remember comprehensible input) might not be received by your ESL students.

Oh everybody loves a Yoda and Jeopardy joke so when the two meet well it’s a laugh riot!



Everybody loves grammar jokes and one as timely as this to coincide for the Christmas season is a lovely gift from AdultESLjob Santa!

Yes, Savage Chickens are sort of loved around here :) So, funny this guy Doug Savage!

It’s vs Its is something you just have to memorize and maybe this cute TESOL joke will help you and your students!

An TEFL job interview joke to finish it out because those teachers looking for work do need a laugh the most!

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