Encouraging TED Talks For ESL Students

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Ding Ding delivers a nice encouraging Ted Talk for ESL students. Hear about how a shy girl from China was able to overcome not just a fear of speaking English but the irrational fear of not trying something because you don’t think it will work. Well, how do you know unless you try. Simple advice, but yet how often do we heed it. How many times do you try and motivate EFL students to speak English and just try to use those new collocations or functions you presented and modeled? This talk might just help them see that hey if she can do it then why not me too!

If You Don’t Try, You Never Know: Ding Ding at TEDxSiliconAlley

Ding Ding – Founder & CEO TunTunTuTu – a mobile app that enables language learners to practice speaking anytime through asynchronous voice messaging with people around the world.

Columbia University, BA, Economics-Mathematics
Founded an English teaching program attended by 80 college/graduate students as a freshman despite fierce competition from New Oriental (the dominant English teaching company) only a few blocks away. Lived independently in Australia since 16 and supported myself financially through playing the violin on the street. Worked previously as a Private Banker in HSBC and lived in 6 countries.

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Here’s another TED Talk for ESL learners and all of us really as it is quite facisnating to think that our native tongue and use of grammar could have such a profound influence on our behavior. In this case on how good we are at saving money.

Keith Chen: Could your language affect your ability to save money?

Keith Chen is an Associate Professor of Economics at the Yale School of Management. His research blurs traditional boundaries in both subject and methodology, bringing unorthodox tools to bear on problems at the intersection of Economics, Psychology, and Biology. In an early project he measured what ex-prisoners lives would have looked like had prison conditions been more or less harsh. In work examining the evolutionary origins of economic behavior, he has shown that monkeys display many of the hallmark biases of human behavior, suggesting that some of our most fundamental biases are evolutionarily ancient. Professor Chen’s recent work focuses on how people’s economic choices are influenced by their language. His most recent work finds that how a person’s language treats the future tense appears to influence future-oriented behaviors as diverse as savings and smoking.

Your EFL students might also get a kick out of this talk about Local English vs. Standard English talk is a wonderfully funny and winning toastmasters talk from EFL teacher and authorMarianna Pascal. This one is also quite a hoot about ESL in the workplace.

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